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Frequently Asked Questions


Do we service machines?
We welcome any houshold sewing or embroidery machine. Our service techs work in-house with all the proper tools to ensure any issue you may have, is not only resolved but cleaned and serviced as well.


Who can take what classes?
If you purchased the machine from Paramount you can take all classes.
If you want to take Machine Intro classes (learn to use machine) you must have purchased the machine from Paramount.
If the class you want to take is a paid class you can take the class ( some exceptions apply see the class specific)

Community Services

Do we offer sewing/quilting/embroidery services in store?
Unfortunately we do not mend, alter, sew stitch or repair of any kind in store.


Thread Key for searching for thread?
We strive to keep all products fluid with the vendors. Meaning names are the same, part numbers are the same and so on. You can type in the name of the color in the search bar or use this thread key below for the brands as well:

SS Rayon: 122-****

SS Rayon Twister Tweed: RA302-*****

Isacord: 2922-****

Isacord Variegated: 2579-****

Floriani: PF**** (1000m)

LGPF**** (5000m)

King Tut: 121-01-****

Sew Fine!: 116-02-***

Bottom Line: 114-01-***

Mettler Cotton Mako: 1050-****

Signature Cotton Qlt Thread: 47-***

Signature Cotton Qlt Variegated: 49-M**

Fantastico: 11702-****

Fil-Tec: FT-*****

Finesse Quilting Thread: ****

Intressa: IT200-***

Madeira 1000M: 9126-****

Madeira Aerofil 400M: 9125-****

Madeira Cotona 1000m: 9350-***

Aurifil’s Mako: A6050-****

Brother Pacesetter Pro: ETP****

Poly Ahrora: WFAR-**

Polyarn Serger Thread: 104-01-***

Filament silk 219yd: 202-10-***

YLI Silk: 202-10-***

Can you order products if they are not on the website or in store?
We definitely can! We have various vendors we order from and know there are thousands of products out there. To help with this, we just need a product part number or name of the product to do a little research on. If we do not carry it, a special order is needed which requires payment of the product at the time of order placement.