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Bradley, Owner

Bradley has 40+ years of experience in the sewing industry.  His first store is Longview Sewing in Longview, WA.  He purchased Paramount in 2015 with his friend, Laura.  He and Laura have been friends since high school.  Bradley also owns Anvil Sewing in Bend, OR. and Kitchen Inspirations in Kelso, WA.

Laura, Owner

Laura purchased Paramount with good friend Bradley in 2015. They have been friends for 30+ years! She loves to teach and sew, and can often be found on the back of her partner Tom's bike.

Dustin, Salem Store Manager

Dustin is a PNW Oregon native who learned to sew back on the treadle with his grandma. He's an explorer who loves to capture moments with his camera whenever he gets a chance. He is an avid adventurer that always looks for the next trail to explore. Motorcycle rider and dad to two terriers, Strawberry and Bronx.

Eric, Eugene Store Manager

After being a corporate meeting professional for two decades, Eric is excited to join Paramount’s team.  Combining his passion for customer service with the creativity of sewing, quilting, and embroidery is proving to be a fun match. In Eric’s spare time he enjoys watching science fiction and gardening with his partner, Kryn.
Thomas, Salem, Repair Manager

In his spare time, Thomas enjoys riding and working on motorcycles, and playing golf. He also likes to go to the trampoline park, and bike rides with his daughter. He loves to work with his hands and problem solve.

Banner, Eugene

Banner, an Oregonian at heart, was bitten by the crafty bug at a very young age thanks to great parents. A love of educating keeps her enthusiasm up and her energy high.

Blake, Salem

Blake moved to Oregon from California in 2021. They have always had a love for being creative and have found a new love for sewing since working at Paramount. Outside of work, some of Blake’s favorite things include: frogs, relaxing on the beach, and changing their hair color. 

Jesse, Eugene

Jesse was raised in Alaska then spent time in Portland before coming to us in Eugene. He loves tinkering and riding his bike.

Mickie, Eugene

Being fueled by tea and cats, she's a traveler at heart who always makes it back to Oregon. She is a lover of sewing, quilting and all things fabric related.

Millie, Eugene

After 40+ years in the fabric/sewing machine business, Millie is still eagerly learning from others and loving to pass on what she’s learned. Along with sewing, she loves gardening, animals (cats, dogs, chickens, birds, squirrels), family, hiking, the Oregon coast and the DUCKS!!

Pierre, Eugene

Pierre enjoys helping people solve problems with their machines. In his off time, he likes to kayak, take road tips, and make art.

Susan, Eugene

Susan was born in New York, grew up in Arizona, and moved to Eugene in 1996. She started working for Paramount in 2010.  Susan has done garment sewing, home dec & alterations for other people. She now focuses on quilting & machine embroidery. She also is involved with an online ministry, loves to spend time with her family & going to the coast whenever possible.

Teresa, Salem

Teresa joined the Paramount team in 2023. She has been sewing for 35 years and enjoys teaching quilting.