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TrueSharp 2 Power Sharpener

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Thank you for shopping with us. We strive to always only carry new fabric lines and collections. We order 6 to 8 months before release, so by the time customers start to see it. We may already have it or are getting the collection. Please be aware that we do not have EVERY new collection as there are too many to be able to carry.

The TrueSharp 2 Power Sharpener sharpens your rotary blades with the push of a button!
Make quick work of sharpening 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm rotary blades with the TrueSharp's high-quality, new diamond-grit sharpening stones.

The TrueSharp 2 has been improved to offer:

  • Faster sharpening times
  • New, longer lasting diamond-grit stones
  • Higher-quality sharpenings.

The TrueSharp 2 has been refined. The blade now spins at a more even-level speed due to a modification of the power supply. This allow a more consistent sharpening of the blades in a shorter amount of time with less chance of error. These and other adjustments have come together to achieve sharper blades in less time. Now you can sharpen 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm rotary blades of almost any brand!